Entry #1, April 2, 2017
Today was eventful. We landed in Annecy, France today. Come to find out, Alex has a brother named Reed. He’s not nearly as annoying as Alex and he lacks his brother’s strong accent. He protected me from a Bernese Mountain dog I had accidently made angry…what can I say? Danger likes me and I like danger. Maybe tomorrow will lead me to a new adventure. What do you think?

Entry #2, April 3, 2017
…today wasn’t nearly eventful as yesterday. We looked around, did some shopping…that was it. How boring! I did find this incredible locket, though. It’s brass with a royal insignia on it. The insignia is of an eagle perched on the top of the sun. On the inside, it says, “No matter what comes, never look back.-Markum F.” What could it mean? Who was Markum? Mysteries, mysteries! I need Enigma to help me with it, but he says not to get mixed up into anything. Where’s his sense of adventure? Do you think I should investigate? Ugh, the suspense is killing me!

Entry #3, April 5, 2017
I did some digging on the locket I found. It belonged to a king of old! Little did I know that I (Scarlet Savine) would find a locket that was owned by a king! But, what does the quote mean? It puzzles me so much. Enigma keeps telling me not to stick my nose in it. But, Reed keeps pushing…he’s the only one who has a sense of adventure. He’s the youngest of the Hart brothers, so that may account for it. Jayden is more wary of it, but of course the twins are ready for some adventure. I am, too! I want to see where this locket will take us. But…I can’t help wonder if this is the right thing….

Entry #4: April 6, 2017
We’re leaving Annecy and heading to Paris. I’m so excited! The only thing is, I’m just sad I’m the only girl here…I wish Sasha was here. It would be so much fun. I could probably find Gem…. Ah, she’s probably not here. This locket is really intriguing. I want to take it to a specialist to see if it’s really as old as I think. And the quote inside…what does it mean? What did it mean to the person who gave the necklace? What did it mean to the person who received the necklace?
You know…I just thought about this…you’re probably wondering where all the people are in my stories, right? Well, I’ll let you in on a little secret. They’re still here. You see, we live along side humans. We never interact, though. I guess we could, but we just don’t. So, when I say what does it mean to the person who received this necklace, I’m guessing that it at one time belonged to a person. I hope this makes sense. Whoops, I’ve gotta go. Enigma is getting onto me about that locket again…man, it’s causing me a lot of problems.

Entry #5, April 10, 2017
Oh my gosh, the weekend was busy. On Saturday, we arrived in Paris and got a room at a very fancy hotel. Reed insisted on taking me to a restaurant he knew of, but Alex declined his offer before I had a chance to say yes. Jayden and the twins are bunking with me, while Enigma is bunking with the Harts. You know he’ll just love that. We unpacked and I discovered the strangest thing. My locket was missing! I panicked, of course, and scavenged through everyone’s luggage looking for it. It was nowhere to be found. Jayden comforted me by saying it would probably turn up sooner or later. But, I know I put it in my bag in a special pouch so it wouldn’t get damaged. I distinctly remember putting it in there. We went shopping and I tried to call Gem with my cell, but she didn’t answer. I have a strange feeling she’s here though, lurking in the shadows. Sunday, we went to the restaurant Reed had suggested. He and Alex ordered for us, though I made sure he didn’t order escargot (in case you didn’t know, that’s snails) for me or anyone else. We ate and had a good time, then something very strange happened. Our waiter came to my side with a little package. He handed it to me and said with his thick accent, “An animal told me to give this to you.” I opened it while they all watched and inside was my locket! I gasped and looked at our waiter. “What did he look like? Do you know him?” The waiter shook his head. “No, no, madam. I do not know him. He was a tall fellow with a hood covering his face. But, he had an American accent. I’m sure of it.” What do you make of that? Wait, I haven’t gotten to the best part. Today, we went to a famous jeweler and you know what he said? “Oh, madam, how fine a necklace. How very strange, too, that an American showed me a very similar necklace not the other day.” Hah! I can smell mystery as if it were right in front of my face.

Entry #6, April 12, 2017

Where to begin…. Okay, I was right. There is a mystery, but Enigma keeps telling me to stop interfering. Can I help it that mysteries like me? No, I can’t. I just want to solve this mystery! Reed, my partner in crime now since no one else seems to want to help, is just as curious as I am. So, today, we’re going to go research Markum F. to see who he was. I’ve heard of the name Markus, but Markum is new to me Ah, the suspense is killing me!

Entry #7, April 14, 2017

So, we went to the library and we found something completely amazing. Markum Tiberius Flavius Fortis was a Roman centurion who had saved a female gladiator from certain death. Her name was Lily Aurelia Tatiana Bellator. So, had this locket belonged to him and had he given it to Lily? Reed and I aren’t sure, so we’re going to be doing some more research today. What do you think?

Entry #8, April 17, 2017

Well, here’s a late Happy Easter. We were having so much fun celebrating Easter here in London (oh, did I mention that? We traveled to London two days ago). I got to see the Queen! How exciting is that? Oh, Britain is so cool. We’ve been exploring everything. Like, going into the little shops, going to little towns off the beaten path…oh, it’s so exciting. Anyways, back to my mystery. Hah, you’d thouht I’d forgotten it, didn’t you? I haven’t. Reed and I did some more digging to find that Markum was stationed in Britain. Ancient Britain, that is. The twins have begun to help us now, so we’ve got double the effort. I really want to know what the quote in this locket was supposed to mean to Lily. If it was even Lily’s. I’ve got to figure out what was happening to them.

Entry #9, April 19, 2017

Rrrgh! I can’t find anything else about this locket. This is getting to be so frustrating. Focus, Scarlet…focus. I need to find out more about Lily. I’ve gotten everything I need to know about Markum, but I need to know about Lily. Who was she? What happened to her? Agh!

Entry #10, April 20, 2017

Yes! Finally, a break through. Markum and Lily were friends. But, after a few short years, Markum died. Under what circumstances, I don’t know. I have a very strong feeling that Markum gave this locket to Lily. It’s no longer a question. Reed, the twins, and I are celebrating. With Enigma, Alex, Will, Jack and Jayden of course. What I would give to have Gem here!

Entry #11, April 23, 2017

I wished for Gem and who showed up at today? Gem and Lucas. I’m not all that excited about having Lucas, but Gem? Yeah. I enjoy having Gem. She’s just as curious as me about that necklace.


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