The Guardian Chronicles

These are just a few of the books I’m hoping I’ll be able to publish this year. Hope you like what you see! Disclaimer: It doesn’t matter in which order you read the books. Those that are directly sequels, I’ll let you know so you can read those in order. Otherwise, have fun and pick and choose which you read!

Silence Cover1Second Chances: Book One

All she wanted was silence. What she got was a battle.

Lily Bellator wasn’t expecting her father to die that night. She wasn’t expecting to be taken as a slave. What she was expecting was to reclaim her father’s honor.

And she’ll get it no matter the cost.

The Centurion Markum, though, seems to be the only one who really cares about what happens to her. Why is that? Can she trust him? Or will she never give him a second chance?

TheWinterOwlCoverTempest Runners: Book Two

We don’t run from the storm. We don’t run with it. We run into it.

It’s tough times for everyone. But, Mae Jepson is lost in a current of grief. Her dear brother was KIA in WWII.

Or so she thought.

When a highly specialized group of young adults tell her Frank isn’t lost, but captured by the Nazis, she has to do all she can to help get him back. Even if that means going behind enemy lines and risking the entire group’s life as The Night Hawk prowls the forest surrounding them.

And what about stranger Brinson Hawke? Who is he? He seems to be hiding something, but can she uncover it in time to save them all?

The Seekers Cover2The Seekers: Book Three

In the shadow of a crown, there hides a killer.

When Anna Graham arrives on the shores of Brigante, it seems like she’s just an ambassador from a distant land come to learn about their ways.

Until it seems apparent to Prince Luke she seems a little too interested in his father’s recent death…and is asking too many questions.

But, could she be onto something? Is there a thread of truth to what she is saying? If so, then there is a killer in the midst and he’s not sure he’s ready to find out who it is.


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