Here you’ll find all the books I have published. Enjoy the selection of books. If you have any comments, please do leave them.

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The FBI Chronicles

An FBI Fox

The struggle of good versus evil rages on. An inexperienced FBI fox, Scarlet Savine, discovers a war between two powerful organizations. One wants to rule the world, the other wants to save it. Savine must decide who she’ll fight for. Read this trilogy to find out who wins in this thrilling series.

The Guardians Series

TheWinterOwlCover The Guardians, Tempest Runners, The Watchers. Through the years, this secret society of world savers has been called many things. Travel with characters in their own time periods as they come face to face with this group. From the Roman Empire, everywhere in between, up till modern day. With peril, twists and turns, betrayal and friendship, The Guardians Series is sure to thrill whoever reads it.