The Finis

What is The Finis (fihn-ihs)? Why did I choose that name? Finis, in Latin, means the end. So, what do you usually see at the end of a book? How about a fairy tale? And they lived happily ever after, the end. The end of a book or movie is important. If there was no end, how would we know what happened to our favorite characters? Did the prince and Snow White really live happily ever after? Did Sam from The Lord of the Rings ever get to see Frodo again? You see, the end of the book is just as important as the beginning or the middle of a book! You just can’t have the beginning and a middle or the middle and the end, you need all three parts to make a book. That’s why I chose The End as the name for my website. It’s just as important as the beginning and the middle. The end wants to be known. It wants to be heard…or I should say, read. So, pick up any book (or maybe, my book) and read it from the beginning to the end and see just how good the book is when you read it to it’s full maximum.


I wonder what this is, you’re probably asking yourself. Well, this is my website to promote the books I’m writing. Who am I? Am I a famous author or a celebrity? No, I’m just a homeschooled teenager who loves to write fiction with the hopes of becoming a famous author or, at least, an author who’s recognized for good works. I’ve probably written hundreds or more books, most of which are pitiful in grammar and in details, when I was about ten. Since then, my skills have improved, thankfully, with the help of lots of reading and a mentor. You can find her website with her books here.

Though, I must say, I’m still an amateur writer in many ways. My latest work is called The CIA Foxwhich is continuing Scarlet Savine’s story, a red fox who’s working for the CIA, hence the name. She goes on an incredible adventure with her friends to defeat an evil organization called P.A.W. (Project Alpha Wolf). She puts her faith in God to lead her through the tough times. That one has been published and you can find it by clicking on the highlighted title above. Or, by clicking on Books in the bar above. There is going to be one other book related to these two, since it’s called The FBI Chronicles.
The first one, called An FBI Fox, has been published, which I am super excited about! I hope you like what I write and I hope you tell you family and friends about me. But, I’ve gotten a little off subject. This website is for my books, for my thoughts, for my (and your) enjoyment! I want you to come to this website and laugh. I don’t care about what, I just want you to laugh! You can laugh at my blog posts, you can laugh at my sketches (I’ve got to work on those…), you can even laugh at my books! Just laugh! Have a good time on my website. Have a look at my books, read my thoughts that I’ve written down in my blog. You can have a look inside the everyday occurrences of a teenage author.
Now, there may be some of you out there saying, “Oh, you’re not an author! I haven’t seen your writings in a library or on TV.” Can…can I say something to you? It’s not about if I’m in a library or if I’m a best-selling author (though, don’t get me wrong, I want to be), or if I’m on TV. It’s about what I like doing. I read this thing once and I’d like to tell it to you, if you don’t mind. A man was sending his work to a famous writer and in one letter, he said, “I’d like you to read my work and if you like it, then I’m finally a writer!” A few days passed and he got a letter from the writer. It read as follows, “It doesn’t matter if I say you’re a writer. When you wake up in the morning and you can’t think about anything else other than writing, then you’re a writer.”

So, I say to you, I am a writer as long as I love what I’m doing. But, please, enjoy my website!

Best Regards,