Myth or Fact: Are Writer’s Crazy?

Yes. Writers are crazy. That’s what makes us so good! >:D It allows our imagination to run wild and that’s where we get our great ideas from. Now, I’m not saying I’m the March Hare, but I might be the Mad Hatter. 😉 We’re all a little mad here, aren’t we? 💡

Hold on a minute. I think I’ve got something…. It’s on the tip of my tongue…oh, wait. It’s gone now. See what I mean? We writer’s can be crazy. But, we do have our moments of completely cool saneness. When? When we’re talking to our readers. Yes, then we have to be completely sane. We don’t want to scare them off, do we?…. 😈 I say, if they can’t handle our craziness, then why are they reading the book? That book is complete madness! I literally enjoy authors who are a little crazy. Without our craziness, where would we be?

Let me list the ways:

  1. No Middle Earth. 😮 I can hear all the Tolkien fans gasping. Yes, without our crazy imaginations Middle Earth (created by Tolkien) would not be here for us to enjoy.
  2. No Narnia. I can hear all the C.S. Lewis fans gasping. Without Lewis’ imagination, we wouldn’t be able to watch or read about that place!
  3. No Marvel characters. You say, “Those aren’t books! They’re comics!” Yes. Comic books. They’re still books. Just picture books. Without Stan Lee’s imagination, there’d be no Marvel.
  4. No DC. Again, comic book. I don’t even know who created DC. Anyone want to enlighten me?
  5. No Grimm Brothers. We wouldn’t have Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, etc. Without them, my childhood just went spfff. Out the window.
  6. No Harry Potter. I’m not a fan of these books (or movies), but I thought’d it make a big impact on those out there who are. Yes. Without us crazy writers, there’d be no Harry Potter.
  7. Not a shred of Alice in Wonderland. 😮 What?! I love Alice in Wonderland!
  8. Inkheart.

These are only a few of the books we all have read or watched. Those who say there aren’t any crazy writers….you’re killing the book world! I’m not saying all authors are crazy, but I sure am. Without us crazy authors, you wouldn’t be able to enjoy the books I listed above. So, yes. I’d say it’s a fact most writers are crazy. At least a little. Anyone else have conversations with their characters? No?….okay. I’ll leave now. Bye! Have a great day out there.

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