The Green-Eyed Monster

What on earth am I talking about? Surely you’ve heard of the green-eyed monster! You know, jealousy…envy. :mrgreen: As a small author (compared to all the other authors), I do get envious of their success. Especially those who have had their books turned into movies. There’s a ton of books out there who have so much potential of being noticed more than mine. I want to be recognized. I want to be heard! I want my books to be read! In this world of authors there are so many interesting books other than mine. Which, I might add, have better story-lines than mine. It’s like my character’s voices are getting drowned out above the roaring success of others.

And yet…. 😈 When a person buys one of my books and I get to talk with them in person, it makes it so much more special. I’ve made a connection with that person, which makes it more likely that they’ll come back to buy more. I’d never give up that connection with the people who buy my books. It makes it feel so much personal. What are your thoughts?

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