Check It Out!

Check out my soon to be published book, Tempest Runners. I’m very proud of this book (being the longest one I’ve ever written). It’s a teen historical fiction, though it could be considered a teen adventure fiction by all means. So, let me begin:

Set during World War II, Tempest Runners is about a teenage girl and a group of teenagers who are helping her get her brother back. Alone in her room one silent night, only two weeks after receiving news her brother is dead, Mae Jepson is confronted by a teenage boy. Her brother is not only alive, but in extreme danger. To save her brother, they must go behind enemy lines…deep within the heart of Germany. With the Nazis assassin, the Night Hawk, on the loose they must be extra careful.

Can Mae retrieve her brother and make it out without running into the Night Hawk? Maybe she can do it with the help of her new friend, Brinson Hawk. She must admit, though, Brinson is quite the mysterious one….

This book is my favorite one. Above all the others. Why? I’ll give you a list. 😉

  1. It’s set during World War II. My favorite time period!
  2. It’s a part of a large series I’m planning on writing.
  3. It contains the very first book character I ever created (Brinson. I’ll write about him in another post).
  4. It’s the longest one I’ve ever written.
  5. It has strong characters and a good villain (good as in he does his job well).
  6. It’s a really cool book.

So, enjoy and check it out! 😀 Have a nice day!

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