Why Do I Read?

Okay, so, y’all know why I write…but, why do I read? What makes me want to read? There’s a number of reasons I like to read books. Shall I give you my ten things? Yes, I think I shall. 😉

My Ten Things:

  1. I can escape into my favorite worlds (mainly Middle Earth, Narnia, and Pride and Prejudice).
  2. I can revisit my favorite characters. Even those who have died. 😥
  3. I can learn from other authors. Why did they do this? Why’d they do that? Man, I love how this guy writes!
  4. I get lost in the land of imagination. Literally. I don’t even realize people are talking to me unless they tap my shoulder or something. 😯
  5. If it’s a really good book, I won’t put it down until I’ve finished it. I’ve read 400 page books in a matter of hours. Yes, you read right. Hours not days.
  6. I enjoy the feeling of holding a book in my hands. Not a tablet or a KindleFire or whatever. I enjoy the feeling of the cover in my hands. Hearing the rustle of the paper as I turn the page. Rubbing the paper between my fingers. Smelling that old book smell (yes, I love that smell). I enjoy taking down a dusty old book, blowing away all the dust particles and opening it up. It’s like saying hello to an old friend.
  7. I enjoy a good mystery. I love a book with a sudden twist that no one saw coming. Why? Because, the writer had either planned it or hadn’t. When you write, your own character surprise you! Your own plot surprises you! You’re like, “Wow, did not see that coming.”
  8. I can tune things out when I read, which helps me relax.
  9. I can reread my favorite parts over and over again.
  10. And finally…(drum roll, please) I can sit in my favorite chair, book in hand, and go to sleep. Best part! 😀

So, what’re your reasons for reading?

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