This is my second book of my series The FBI Chronicles. It’s a good teen fiction adventure book. Even a tween fiction adventure story.

It stars Scarlet Savine. She’s now a CIA agent after her fiasco with Ivan. But, something’s not right. Ivan has escaped prison. Savine’s sent to find him before he can do any more damage. She’s foxnapped by Lucas and taken to his boss….Ivan. Can her friends save her?

Meet three new characters.

Jayden – A black fox with icy blue eyes. Enigma doesn’t trust him. Jayden seems to know a lot about the Savine family. Who is he, really?

Gideon and Amos – Two hilarious twin foxes who are somehow related to the Savine family. Can they trust them?

Gem and Lucas are back…and they’re not here for tea. They’ve betrayed Scarlet. No wonder she has trust issues!

Be prepared for a major twist at the end of A CIA Fox. What will happen? 😎 Buy a copy today!

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