What’s So Great About Writing?

I can’t imagine anyone asking me this, but if there is anyone out there who wants to know what’s so great about writing, I’ll tell ya why. 😉

Reasons To Write:

  1. You can imagine your own world where anything can happen. History can be changed. Time-traveling is possible. You can go to other galaxies. Jump into your favorite movie and save your favorite Erebor dwarf form dying (yes, I’m referencing Thorin Oakenshield…what can I say?)
  2. You can create your own characters. The one thing I’d never give up is having written my own book. When you create a character, you share a special bond with them. You feel their pain, you feel their joy. You know them. You know what happened in their past that no one else knows about.
  3. Others will read your book. One of my friends told me that she and her family read my book every night. I was so flattered! I never expected that. Imagine if someone read your book every night.
  4. The more you write, the better you’ll get. 🙂

Four good reasons. I think you should write. You have your own unique ideas that need to be heard! So, go! Write!

Happy Mother’s Day, by the way! ❤

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