Happy Mother’s Day!

Just like the title says, I’m wishing all the mother’s out there a wonderful Mother’s Day! Go eat some chocolate or if it’s cold where you are, drink some hot chocolate. ❤ ❤

Mother’s Day is a wonderful day, don’t you think? It celebrates the people who are so caring towards us, even after we’ve broken her favorite vase or spilled orange juice all over the couch. (sorry! XD ) Our mother’s are those wonderful people who read us bedtime stories, put bandages over a scrape and wipe our tears away when we’ve had a bad day.

So, to all the mother’s out there, cheers! Those roses in the picture above are for you. 🙂 Have a beautiful day with your family and remember…the kids you have are always thinking of you. No matter what fights y’all have had, no matter the tears that were shed. We love you, Moms!

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