An FBI Fox

My first book was created while I was watching X-Files and reading Redwall. I thought, “Why not have a fox as my main character working the FBI?” You can see the connection, right? Red fox…Scully had red hair. Redwall has animals in it….anyways, let me introduce you to my first book.


Scarlet Savine – An American red fox who is stepping into the world of the FBI as a novice, though she was a detective for the police a few years prior. She has secrets within her past that she has yet to tell her friends.

Silver F. Ridger – A large pale grey wolf. An experience FBI agent who is willing to help Scarlet succeed in her adventure as an agent.

Will – A techy dingo with glasses. One of a trio. A good friend of Scarlet’s.

Jack – A tough hyena with an attitude. The second of the trio.

Sasha Savine – Scarlet’s irritable sister. A grey fox.

Enigma – A large, dark grey wolf. With a mysterious side, Enigma is trying to warn Scarlet…of what, though?

Peter Talon – The Assistant Director of the FBI, also a grey wolf.

So, those are the main characters and the supporting characters. Onto the next thing.


Scarlet is confronted by Enigma in her apartment. He warns her of a secret war. When her life is threatened, Savine is thrown into the war with her friends…and family. Will she survive…and will she end the war? Who is she…truly?

Age Group:

This is a teen adventure fiction, but it could also be for tweens. Beware, this is some violence.

Dun dun duh…. 😀 Please, buy my book! Enjoy and have a good day!

By the way, disclaimer, I don’t get paid for any of this! Seriously…. 😉


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