Ink Spots, Ink Blots, and Inklings

Designing the cover of your book is exciting. I admit, it’s probably my favorite part. You’re combining the different elements of your book onto one cover. But, how do you know what you want?

Luckily, I have Adobe Illustrator. I love Adobe! I’ve designed the covers for all my books. If you’re a professional, then you probably have professionals designing your book cover. I must say, that’s awesome.

But, you’re missing out on the hands on experience you could be having. So, how do you know what to put on the cover of your book?

Okay, let me ask you this (if you can’t tell, I like making people think 😉 ). What’s the basic plot of your story? Good versus evil? A romance? A teen fiction?

Take that and think of what font would match the plot. If it’s a thriller, you may want to use thriller. If it’s a romance, use a nice flowing script.

Color schemes: If it’s good versus evil, something like black and white fading into each other. Thriller? Dark blue or black with chiller font in red. Romance? Red, pink and white with black flowing script. For a teen fiction, do something fun that’ll catch their eyes!

Pictures: Have a picture or image that matches the color scheme. A smoking gun would be good for a thriller. Good versus evil could have something like…a sheriff’s badge on one end and a knife on the other. Romance could have a heart on it.

See what I mean? I love designing my covers! Have a wonderful day!

Hello to….Romania and England. 😀

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