Find Your Voice

Cat got your tongue? Eh, don’t worry about it. šŸ™‚

When you’re an author, you have to find your voice. There are so many other authors out there that you can get lost in the jungle. Find your voice so that readers can distinguish it from others. I like going for a sarcastic…and mysterious…voice. What can I say? I like being sarcastic.

Now, you might like a different voice. Something like happy, sly, angry, etc. My point is, find it and distinguish yourself! Maybe you’re a happy sarcastic voice.

Now that you’ve got your voice, what about your characters? I’m not talking about your supporting characters, but your main character. They need to find their voice to! Give them something that’ll make them pop.

Think of your favorite character. Okay, I have mine. Can you guess? Bilbo Baggins! ā¤

Why on earth does he stick out to me? Over every other character I like, why is he the one who gets favoritism (sorry, Mr. Darcy!)?

Because, he liked his comfort zone. Yet, he went on an adventure. He discarded everything he had to go on an adventure. And guess what? He had the best time. Adventure just has this ring to it that draws me. What I’d give to be able to step intoĀ The Hobbit!

I love everything aboutĀ The Hobbit. It sticks out to me when I see its name. It’s a classic (to me). I want my books to have that type of voice. One mention of it and everyone knows who you’re talking about.

Scarlet Savine fromĀ The FBI Chronicles I designed to be very sarcastic. Someone others could laugh at…or with. SomeoneĀ teens orĀ tweens could laugh with. She has her voice.

So, get out there! Let your voice be heard.

Hello, India!

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