Teen Fiction? Tween Fiction? Whaaa?

Teen fiction and tween fiction…where to start, right?

What should you write? What shouldn’t you write? What type of fiction?

Okay, those are three questions I’m going to answer. Let’s start!

What should you write for teen fiction/tween fiction? Include action. I’m finding action is really good. But, don’t make your fight scenes too long or too short. Make your dialogue believable. A lot of nonsense is not going to make your story better. Instead, it’ll drag it out.

Warning! Some parents may not like a lot of violence. Just beware….

What shouldn’t you write for teen fiction/tween fiction? Don’t add too much drama. They have enough of that in their lives. Just sayin’. Huh? What was that? What’s a book without drama? Oh, right. Of course, your book needs some drama. I said not too much. Don’t have drama on every page! Don’t make chapters too long. Teens have a very short attention span.

What type of fiction? Any type! Adventure, action, historical fiction, fantasy, mystery, suspense, etc. You name it, they’ll read it.

Make your book interesting with a catchy title. Well, how do you come up with a catchy title? What’s your book about?

Take what your book is about and turn it into the name. Like, at the end of An FBI Fox, one of my characters says, “And it all started with an FBI fox.”

So, I turned it into the name! But, I recommend using a maximum two words. Two words are easier to remember. Something like….

Flaming Skies catches your attention, doesn’t it? And I just came up with it. So, have fun! 😀

Hello, Malaysia!

(I took that pic by the way…the hummingbird’s name is Ty 😉 )

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