Proofing Your Book? Yikes!

Dun dun duh…. Uh oh. The beast is back. Proofing! Oh, no. Run for your lives! 😯

No, I’m kidding. Proofing isn’t as bad as it seems. Just invest in a really good grammar book and do some studying. You’ll be fine. I’m in the process of editing my book right now…it’s the longest part of writing a book. And the hardest. Your eyes get tired and you skip things you should’ve seen in the first place.

It’s especially hard if your a self-published writer like me. Luckily, I have an editor to help me. 😀

Just get a grammar book and really focus on your book. It’ll all be all right. Trust me.

And yes this is a very short post….

Hello to Ukraine!

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