Weasel Words

Weasel words are a nasty business that every writer faces. They sneak in when you’re not looking and you don’t even notice them. They slow the reader down, make sentences less sensible and are plain unnecessary.

What are weasel words, you might ask.

Weasel words are words you use every day. They are how you speak. Words like thatdoupdown, etc. are weasel words.

What do you do when you have weasel words?

Use your “find” tool (you can locate it by using ctrl+f) and use the list below to find any unnecessary words. 🙂

Possible Weasel Words:

  1. that
  2. just
  3. back
  4. up
  5. down
  6. sure
  7. feel
  8. gaze
  9. glance
  10. look
  11. stare
  12. felt
  13. like
  14. both
  15. face
  16. scan
  17. eyes
  18. well
  19. oh
  20. then
  21. so

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