Feel What You Write

…what on earth am I talking about? Writing with feeling is something I love to do. It adds to my stories in ways I never could’ve thought possible.

But, how do you write with feeling?

I call it getting inside your character. You put yourself in their shoes. Pretend your them. What are they thinking? What are they feeling? Really get into their point of view.

Something like….

Maria watched the setting sun with longing eyes. The ship had passed out of sight hours ago, but she could still see her brother waving goodbye to her. Her heart clinched within her as she thought about the man aboard that ship. Her only family left in the world. Her brother. Now he was gone…she wrung her hands together in despair. Tears stung her blue eyes. 

She hated how the breeze teased her hair, just like her brother had not too long ago. She hated the mewling of the seagulls as they played nearby. The salty scent of the sea was unpleasant to her nostrils. Would she ever escape the ocean and it’s bitterness? She stomped her foot in the sand with impatience. Maria had so wanted to go with her brother. He was the cause of the tears trickling down her rosy cheeks. How she hated the thought of Frederick now. But, did she really hate him?

No, that’s not from one of my books, I just made it up. But, it does sound good, doesn’t it? I should start a book off like that… 😉

What did you feel when you read that? What did you see? Hear? What do you think Maria was feeling?

I enjoy writing like this. It gives you enough information to know what’s going on, but allows you to imagine what else she’s feeling.

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