The FBI Chronicles

It all started when I was reading the Redwall series by Brian Jacques and watching The X-Files. Sounds like a wonderful mix, doesn’t it? XD It’s funny how one can get inspired. Anyway, I came up with the concept of a red fox who joined the FBI and had to go on this dangerous journey with twists and turns. I wanted them to be teen/tween adventure fiction books, but any age group can enjoy them. 🙂

Then, to think of a name for my character. Well, she was red…so, why not Scarlet? And don’t ask me how I came up with the last name Savine…because, I don’t remember how I did! A friend told me she looked it up and found that savin is another term for the Eastern Red Cedar! Funny, isn’t it?

So, I wrote the first book in less than a year. That’s not including editing it, designing the cover, and then publishing it. All in all, it took me a year to finish it.

The second book took me about the same time. But, I had difficulties with this one. I couldn’t figure out how to start it until a friend (she shall remain nameless, though she knows who she is) came up with the idea of Scarlet to have some long lost siblings. Jayden, Gideon and Amos were created! Personally, I like Jayden the best…don’t tell the twins I said that, though. 😉

The third book was easier and is the best out of all three, if I do say so myself. I added one of my favorite dog breeds (the Australian Shepherd) and added one last twist….

And then The FBI Chronicles was finished and completed in about three years. Here’s are the synopsis’ for all three and the pitch for the series over all…in case your interested in it. Go to my blog post How Do I Sell Books? to see how to create your own pitch! 😀

The Pitch:

The struggle of good versus evil rages on. An inexperienced FBI fox, Scarlet Savine, discovers a war between two powerful organizations. One wants to rule the world, the other wants to save it. Savine must decide who she’ll fight for. Read this trilogy to find out who wins in this thrilling series.

An FBI Fox: Book 1

Meet Scarlet Savine, an average American FBI fox, who finds herself in a fix. There’s an evil organization called PAW out to destroy everything that America stands for. Freedom, the pursuit of happiness, and the freedom of speech. Savine’s family and friends are with PUG, the one organization who will stand up against PAW She has a choice to make. Will she join PAW or PUG? Will she stand against America, or will she stand with it? Will Savine push with PAW or will she she push against it? See how it turns out in this epic adventure.

A CIA Fox: Book 2

Continuing the story of Scarlet Savine, we meet her as she is just settling into her CIA job. But, it’ll get worse before it gets better and Savine knows that. She just didn’t expect that it would come so soon. Bad news comes from Talon. Ivan has escaped and is back in the world. It’s up to Savine and her friends to finish what Ivan started. Then, something else happens! Savine is foxnapped by Lucas O’Meara. How many things are going to go wrong for her? Now, it’s up to her friends to get her back. In the second book of The FBI Chronicles, meet new characters and follow the twist and turns of Savine’s life. In this book, will we see PAW vanquished?

A Rogue Fox: Book 3

In the final book of The FBI Chronicles saga, we find Scarlet Savine on the run from both the CIA and the FBI. Her friends and her family are there to defend her, but Scarlet ends up in danger again. So, her newfound allies bring a new player into the game of life and death. Alex Hart, an Australian Shepherd with experience in fighting. Yet, can Scarlet trust him? She saw how her trust was trampled by Silver and Peter. Could she learn to trust a complete stranger?


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