How Do I Sell Books?

Selling books is easier than I make it sound. It’s just hard for me because I’m shy around people I’ve never met before. So, how do I sell books?

We have a booth at local market days (I highly recommend you do those if you want people to see you) where I set out my books and wait. As people pass by, glance at my books, then at me, I smile and greet them. Smiling is very important, by the way… 😀

If they stop and come in, I stand if I’ve been sitting…it’s the polite thing to do and I think it gives the customer the sense that you care about your product.

When they ask about the book, and they will, I give them my elevator pitch. A two minute pitch that catches their attention. Take a look at my elevator pitch for The FBI Chronicles:

The struggle of good versus evil rages on. An inexperienced FBI fox, Scarlet Savine, discovers a war between two powerful organizations. One wants to rule the world, the other wants to save it. Savine must decide who she’ll fight for. Read the trilogy to find out who wins in this thrilling series.

Okay, now read it out loud. Doesn’t take very long, does it?

Let me break it down into three parts.

Part 1: A short snippet about the basis of the book. What’s the basic idea of the book? It has to be less than 10 words. Mine is eight words.

Part 2: A two sentence snippet about the character and the basic plot. Cannot exceed two sentences.

Part 3: The twist in which you hook your customer (or a publisher…just sayin’). Short, but powerful. Such as mine: Savine must decide who she’ll fight for.

After I’ve told them the elevator pitch and they seem interested, I go on into more detail about each individual book and then tell them the price…usually without them asking, but that just depends on how you like to do things.

And don’t worry if they don’t bite at first. Some will, some won’t. 🙂 Have courage! If you can make it, you can it. Trust me, my books have been turned down many times….

I hope this helps you on your book selling adventure.

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