Zoom In…Zoom Out….

When I can’t focus it’s like trying to get that perfect picture, but nothing is working out. You zoom in, you zoom out, you adjust the lighting, etc. But nothing with will work!

What do I do to get back into the zone? Well, you know how I like to give you ten things. So, let’s do that. 😀

How To Focus:

  1. Take a break and listen to relaxing music. If you listen to something that’ll make you tense or sad, that’s not going to help. I mean, yes, listen to that kind of music while you’re writing a sad part or a fight scene, but not when trying to relax. It just doesn’t work (for me, that is).
  2. Clear your mind and get into the character’s head. See what he sees. Hear what he hears. Feel what he feels. Smell what he smells. Really get into his POV (Point Of View, if any of you didn’t know that…I’m sure you did 😉 ) and just concentrate. Put on headphones, go to a silent room, anything to get away from whatever is distracting you.
  3. Eat chocolate. I’m not kidding. Chocolate is great!
  4. Eat snacks. Healthy or unhealthy. Personally, I like some pizza to snack on. Or the occasional bowl of frozen raspberries sprinkled with sugar (delicious!).
  5. Focus on something else for a moment. Let your mind wander (but, be sure it comes back XD ) and think of  different things, then get back to it.
  6. Man, this list is getting harder…Oh, I know. Make a list of things you need to do. It’ll clear your mind, make you focus on one thing. Then, go and do all those things. Come back and focus on what you’r writing.
  7. …I don’t know if there’s going to be ten things…we’ll see! Watch a movie, eat some popcorn or candy. Focus on that for a minute.
  8. Take a long break. And I mean like, a couple of days break. Come back with a clear mind and focus all you want.
  9. Go outside with your favorite book and read it. It’ll relax you, trust me.
  10. Yay! We reached ten. Play with your pet. If you don’t have one, go for a casual walk. My favorite place to walk is in the country. It’s just you and nature. Just be on the look out for poison ivy. 😦


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