Creativity Meets Writer’s Block

The two words every writer fears. Writer’s block. It’s a heavy, dark, evil thing that impedes on your creativity. Starving your mind of any good ideas and crushing them under it’s heavy foot.

You may think I’m joking. I’m not. Writer’s block is horrendous.

So, what to do when you get writer’s block….

Take a long break from writing. I mean it! Take at least three days off and at max…mmm…until you think you’re ready.

Watch good, inspiring movies or read inspiring books.

Snack on something. This really helps me. 😉

Study up on something you’re interested in. That’s what I did for writing my World War II book. I had (and still have) an interest in World War II. So, I watched some World War II movies such as Unbroken. I did some research on that era and had a sudden inspiration.

Listen to your favorite music.

And for the final tip: Relax. Grab a cup of something hot, grab a blanket (or no blanket…just sayin’) and a book, then go sit in your favorite spot and read.

Hope this helps!

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