Music While Writing…?

Uh, yeah! It really helps me to get into the mood. I once read in a book that third person is a friend telling you the main character’s story from their perspective. That makes it so easy to write books.

So, when I write adventure, I listen to adventurous music. Such as Africa by Toto, Here I Go Again by Whitesnake, On The Road Again, etc.

When I get to the sad parts, I listen to sad music. Fight scenes, fight songs (usually rock). Music and writing goes hand in hand for me. It makes so much sense to me!

But, sometimes…I want my silence. And I don’t mean The Sound of Silence…I mean, actual silence.

It just depends on my mood. Do you ever listen to music when you write? I’m listening to a Keith Urban song write now (pun intended… 😉 ). Long Hot Summer to be exact.

So, yeah. 😀 (picture courtesy of me)

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