World War II

World War II is one of my favorite eras. Don’t ask me why, I just do. They’re the toughest generation, because they went through so much. And for that, I admire them. Yet, there aren’t many World War II books for teenagers or tweens. So, what am I going to do?

Well, I’m going to write a teenage adventure/action book for them! It’ll be set during, you guessed it, World War II. Then name of the main character (which will remain hidden for now) is taken from the very first book I ever wrote. And this time, it’ll be with people and not animals (shocker!).

I’ve already written the second book, which sounds weird until I explain. I wrote the second book thinking it would be the only one. Then, I realized one of my characters needed a backstory. So, I’m writing that one as as the first one and saving the one I wrote first for my second one. Confusing, right? Let’s just say I’m postponing from publishing the second one until I get the first one done. 😉

So, what is this World War II book about?

It’s about an American teen who gets captured by the Nazis and is forced to fight for them. Why would he fight for them? They have his family. He plans to get them back, but will his quest for revenge take him down a darker path?

You’ll have to wait to find out. 😈

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