Thoughts A Dozen

After I’ve read a good book or I’ve seen a good movie, my mind is whirling with all these ideas of great book ideas. The problem is sometimes I don’t remember them.

How do you cure this memory loss and recover your great book ideas?

Carry a notebook with you. Genius, right? 😉 You carry a notebook with you everywhere you go. Not a big one by any means. But, a small one. One you could fit in your purse, pocket, jacket pocket, etc.

This way, when a great idea hits you, you can scribble it down. Or if you hear a really cool name that you would love to use, you can write it down. Just be sure and don’t use their last name, otherwise they might be like, “Hey, they’re writing about me!” and may not like the book. 😦

So, when you want to save your ideas, write’em down in the notebook!

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