How Do I Write?

People write books in many different ways and settings. Some like solitude, some like it with others.

So, how do I write? I’ll give you at least ten examples. There many be more if I can think of any. 🙂

How I Write:

  1. In a journal on my bed with my dog at my feet.
  2. At the table with my family.
  3. While listening to music. This is only when I can’t concentrate.
  4. In complete silence. Only me, my thoughts, and I.
  5. While watching a movie…sometimes.
  6. On the porch in the shade.
  7. With my cat sitting in my lap as I type on my computer.
  8. With snacks. 😉
  9. After having a sudden inspiration for my characters.
  10. Chillin’ on the couch with my computer/journal…with snacks. XD
  11. Writing with my friends.

Okay, so there was eleven ways. But…that really didn’t answer the question, did it? So, here’s my real answer.

I write in deep POV (Point Of View), which is usually the main character’s point of view. I write quickly, but I go back and reread it multiple times to make sure I didn’t miss anything. I make sure all my characters are in character. They can’t have a sudden personality change. I make sure all my chapters are under 8 pages long. If they’re too long, the reader will lose interest.

If I do change POV, then I add three to four hashtags or *. I make sure the plot makes sense. I get rid of any weasel words (words I put in sentences I really don’t need such as “that”). I make sure I add at least one plot twist to capture the readers attention and imagination.

🙂 I think that answers the question…don’t you? I hope you enjoyed and, if you’re writing a book, maybe it can help.

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