Where Do I Write?

Everyone has their favorite places to read or write. Since I’ve already written about what I write, I thought I’d share my favorite places to read/write. 🙂

My Top Ten Favorite Places To Read/Write:

  1. In the tree at my old house. It was awesome.
  2. On the porch in the shade.
  3. In my room.
  4. In my favorite chair.
  5. In the grass out back.
  6. At the library…sometimes.
  7. On the top of my dog’s dog house. I know it sounds a little odd, but sitting on the dog house in the sun is pretty fun. 😀
  8. Near a pool.
  9. At the edge of a tank/lake at the base of a tree.
  10. When the fish aren’t biting or at the beach (hah, like I ever go there…if I did, I would read at the beach).

Well, those are the top ten places I like to read or write. Perhaps we have the same favorite spots? I hope so!

Picture courtesy of…me! 😉

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