Just The Beginning!

After I wrote my first books, The FBI Chronicles, I thought all the hard work was over, right? Wrong. The hard work was just beginning.

You have to realize that when you write books to publish and sell them, you actually have to sell them. If their just sitting their doing nothing, they’re not going to sell themselves. You have to get up and talk to people.

This is where I falter. I’m shy, so as you can imagine, this is incredibly hard for me. But, I have to do it if I want to build an audience and sell more books.

When I sell, I usually sell at market days (I’m also hoping to sell some online…so, if you would, please buy one of my books 😉 ). Now, this is harder than you would expect. Most of the people their are adults. Imagine this. I’m trying to sell them teen/tween adventure books that have the evidence of being self-published. Are they going to bite? Not all the time. You see, self-published books have a reputation for being poorly written. What I mean by that is, they have poor story lines, poor grammar, etc. But, they’re making a comeback. Slowly.

It’s very hard to sell a self-published book written for the teenage audience. But, my motto is from one of my favorite people. Louis Zamparini. If I can take it, I can make it.

So, keep at it!

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