A Study in Writing

Like I said in my last post Scribble, Scribble, Erase…. when you’re in the zone the words just seem to flow from your fingertips. I have written 19 pages which equals 5,881 words. That may not seem like a lot, but remember…I’m writing this as it comes. That means stopping to pause and thing, then rereading it to make sure it all fits correctly with my plot, fixing little problems and writing again.

Which draws me to my thing I need to focus on. A little thing I like to call The Rounding Out Zone. This is where I round out my characters so that my readers can connect with them more. Let me tell ya, flat characters as big as a twig are not good. They have no umph, no background, no emotional weight that the readers can be like, “Oh, wow. Mind blown!” Rounded out characters with weight and emotional baggage are what I like and what the readers like.

This is where I start bringing all my plot twists into play, where the reader is sitting on the edge of their seat with anticipation. It’s like the part in the movie when the hero is learning of the evil bad guy’s plot to destroy the world and the hero has to decide if he’s going to do something about it…or sit back to let someone else claim the fame.

So, this is the longest part of the book writing process. This is the part that I really enjoy, because I get to see my characters expand. I grab my journal and just write. When writing teen fiction, I have to really focus on what any 13-18 year old is going to enjoy and what they’re going to think is boring. ( Not to say adults can’t read my books) 🙂

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