What Do I Write?

You’ve probably never heard of me or my books (which doesn’t surprise me), so let me tell you about my books.

They’re teen fictional adventure books that include action, danger, and friendship. Though they are aimed for the teen audience, tweens enjoy my books, too.

I have two books in the workings now and I’m really excited about them. They’re set during World War II. They revolve around danger, action, adventure, and doing what needs to be done. I can’t wait to publish my World War II books.

As before, they’re teenage adventure books, but could also be for a tween audience. They may be aimed at that age area, but adults could enjoy it, too. It just depends on their tastes.

You can find my published books under the menu. I have three published so far. The FBI Chronicles are about Scarlet Savine and her fight against a secret organization. She must learn to trust her friends…but, can she?

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